The NBK-Group successfully completed a large-scale and strategically important project on evaluation of the Concern "Kalashnikov" and the brand "Kalashnikov" value. The evaluation results obtained by our company are a kind of a "road map" of the economic development of JSC "Concern "Kalashnikov" in the medium term.

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Web portal of appraisers Consulting empire published an interview with Albert Ayginin, Director, managing partner of NBK-group. The conversation is focused on the reasons of choosing profession, details of appraisers work, actual problems of the valuation market and its prospects.

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One of the priorities of NBK-group is working with intellectual property: patent expertise, patent&marketing research and valuation of intangible assets. We use modern techniques and best available for today information systems for gathering and analysis of patent information. When estimating the value of intangible assets appraisers used not only theirs knowledge in the economy, but also analyze the characteristics of innovative technology.      Full story

Anti-crisis consulting

The consultations provided by the NBK-group experts within the framework of bankruptcy proceedings support allow the insolvency officer to concentrate on the core mission the companys turnaround, getting the high-quality analytical and technical support from our company all at once.

Assets and liability inventory

The inventory of assets and liabilities is carried out to ensure the reliability of accounting data of the organization. The inventory is essential in the following cases:

  • under the arbitration management procedures
  • revelation of the property stealing, misuse or destruction
  • company restructuring or liquidation

Our experts form a detailed inventory report, containing all necessary information to establish as accurate as possible the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the companys assets and liabilities. This inventory report is a powerful tool for making well-reasoned management decisions and following assets valuation.

Financial analysis

Financial analysis allows determining which measures require immediate intervention. Within the framework of bankruptcy proceedings financial analysis allows identifying the causes of bankruptcy and possibilities of recovery. Financial analysis includes:

  • assets and financing sources structure and dynamics analysis
  • financial stability analysis
  • liquidity and paying capacity analysis
  • financial results and profitability analysis
  • premeditated and fictitious bankruptcy
  • feature detection

Financial analysis and premeditated and fictitious bankruptcy feature detection are conducted in strict accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. Our company has accumulated the considerable experience of similar work performed for the companies in crisis. NBK-group specialists have repeatedly fought in the court instances the results of the companys financial analysis.

Crisis Business Planning

Crisis business planning allows determining the points of increased danger in the business, identifying the company internal reserves, improving its investment attractiveness. The business plan of restructuring and financial rehabilitation involves a detailed study of the following sections:

  • recovery financial plan
  • assets restructuring plan
  • obligations restructuring plan
  • investment attraction plan

NBK-group specialists developed business plans for external management of many enterprises from different industries in crisis. A distinctive feature of the business plans of our company is a detailed analysis of economic and financial causes of the companys crisis, based on which the ways of the companys future development are chosen.

Documents preparation and archivation

The archive documents delivery to the state archives is essential upon the organization liquidation, in particularly within the framework of bankruptcy. The archive documents delivery includes:

  • documents value expertise
  • documents preparation for delivery to the archive
  • fund documents finding aids preparation
  • transferring the well-ordered folders to the archive

NBK-group has substantial experience in this area. In addition to the delivery of the personnel records NBK-group arranges an examination and prepares the delivery to the archive of the project, technical and other special documentation requiring the storage after the organization liquidation.

Electronic trading arrangement

The sale of the debtors property is a key point of the bankruptcy proceedings. Today the sale of the debtors property requires a bidding process by electronic means using specialized electronic trading platforms. The Russian bankruptcy law assigns on the auction organizer the following functions:

  • publication of the information statements
  • about the bidding
  • tender offers analysis
  • arranging the assets examination
  • purchase and sale contracts preparation

Acting as the organizer of an auction NBK-group publishes a detailed promotional messages on the property sale and places them on specialized websites, sends personal invitations to potential bidders, arranges the property examination. We strive to sell the bankrupt assets with maximum effectiveness within the arranged by law time limits.

Actual bid