The NBK-Group successfully completed a large-scale and strategically important project on evaluation of the Concern "Kalashnikov" and the brand "Kalashnikov" value. The evaluation results obtained by our company are a kind of a "road map" of the economic development of JSC "Concern "Kalashnikov" in the medium term.

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Web portal of appraisers Consulting empire published an interview with Albert Ayginin, Director, managing partner of NBK-group. The conversation is focused on the reasons of choosing profession, details of appraisers work, actual problems of the valuation market and its prospects.

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One of the priorities of NBK-group is working with intellectual property: patent expertise, patent&marketing research and valuation of intangible assets. We use modern techniques and best available for today information systems for gathering and analysis of patent information. When estimating the value of intangible assets appraisers used not only theirs knowledge in the economy, but also analyze the characteristics of innovative technology.      Full story

Intellectual property expertise and valuation

Intellectual property (IP) expertise

Russia's integration into the World Economy leaves no alternative to domestic producers but to search for possibilities of intensive use of the existing intellectual potential a factor that could be mobilized in a short time to gain a foothold in the domestic and international markets. Only taking an active role in the creation and commercialization of the intellectual activity results Russian companies will be able to/ will let maintain the domestic market niche and start operating in the international market. As part of IP expertise we offer:

  • patent research
  • taking inventory of the intellectual activity
  • results in order to detect protectable IP
  • IP management strategy building

A distinctive feature of our company is the usage of the unique patent retrieval methods, employed by the foreign intelligence services of the world leading countries. The high educational level of our experts, in particularly in the fundamental sciences, allows to go beyond the formal approach to the information analysis, but also to identify potential competitors as far back at the growth stage.

Intellectual property valuation

Revelation, competent accounting and qualified valuation of the available companys IP market value are the initial steps toward their following commercialization in both the domestic and international markets. As part of involving the IP in the business activities, the objectives of the valuation can be:

  • venture capital financing attraction
  • IP contribution to the charter capital
  • IP mortgage and insurance
  • determination of the profit from the IP usage
  • determination of the loss caused by the infringement of the exclusive rights

NBK-group is one of the recognized leaders of the domestic market in the valuation of intellectual property and intangible assets. Our company has accumulated considerable experience in the IP valuation in different industries from nanotech to aircraft industry. A distinctive feature of our company is a profound analysis of the estimated IP nature, which allows making the most accurate financial forecasts of the IP commercialization.